October is Launch Month! - Join us each Sunday, 10AM!

It's unfortunate that outward appearances have sometimes become more important than what's in someone's heart.  This is an age old problem, even as Jesus walked the earth.  Many dressed the religious part but were rotten on the inside.  Jesus called these people "hypocrite" (Matthew 23:27-28).  Maybe you think Christianity and church are scams because you've witnessed this hypocrisy.  I apologize on behalf of Christians.

But please, don't give up on God just yet!  I want to invite you to check out The Anchor and hear what Jesus taught and lived for; to find peace, joy, grace and hope; to be part of a church that thrives on being real and genuine.

Come as you are, No need to dress up or hide your tattoos...

-Sam Barnhart, lead pastor of The Anchor