Top 5 Daylight Saving Time Tips

We've all done it. We told ourselves for weeks "Don't forget, don't forget, don't forget." And what happens...we forget! Well, forget no more! We're here to give you the Top 5 Daylight Saving Time Tips!

Top 5 Daylight Saving Time Tips:

#1  Set a reminder for yourself RIGHT NOW to change all your clocks before bed on Saturday night.

#2  Which way to set the clocks? An easy way to remember how to set your clock is to "Spring" forward 1 hour! You may lose an hour of sleep now but those "Spring" birds will soon be singing your morning soundtrack!

#3  ACTUALLY CHANGE your clocks on Saturday night when your reminder goes off!

#4  Take a clock off the wall and set it on your pillow Saturday morning. Then, when you're ready for bed, you've got a reminder to change your clocks LITERALLY before your head hits the pillow!

#5  Trust us, these guys will help you remember to SPRING forward! They (almost) do something really, really cool!

Do you have any Daylight Savings Tips? Tell us below!