AnchorKids Minister Announces Departure

Change is hard...but without it we could not grow. Without change we would never be challenged to take steps that lead to growth! On Sunday, September 14, our AnchorKids Minister, Val Sutton announced to The Anchor that she will be resigning at the end of the month. We are sad to see Val go, but are excited for her new opportunity. We are also excited to see how God uses this change to grow us here at The Anchor!

AnchorKids Minister Val Sutton at Family Farm Fest

Please read Val’s letter below. It details the change and I believe will be an encouragement to you!


September 14, 2014



Sunday, September 28 will go down as one of the most difficult days I’ve had in ministry.  That will be my final day serving as the AnchorKids Minister here at The Anchor CC.  Our regular Family Fourth Sunday will be held as scheduled on this final day of my ministry among you all.

Rest assured that this decision has nothing to do with my time at The Anchor — in fact, the joy I have found here, both in my work with AnchorKids and in serving alongside each of you, has made this a very difficult decision.  However, my family owns a financial services business that is in need of my time and attention.  After a time of prayerful discernment, I have decided that it is important to prioritize my family’s needs at this time.  I informed Pastor Sam, the staff and other church leaders in late August that I will begin working in that office in a part-time administrative role in early October.

I imagine you may have many feelings in response to the news of my departure — sadness, anger, anxiety, and even hope — and please know that your feelings are all understandable and valid.  While I have great faith that this decision is the correct one, I too am feeling a great sadness at leaving all of you! 

I also imagine you have many questions about what is to become of the AnchorKids ministry.  It is important to me to leave the program in a position of strength, and this summer’s fantastic BIBLE Olympics program and Heifer International fundraising assures me that AnchorKids is in a good place.  Thankfully, both Amy Reason and Angela Barnhart have stepped up to help transition both the administrative and spiritual tasks that were part of my job description.  These tasks will be handled by a team of volunteers for the time being, each covering a small portion of what needs to be done. 

Even if you have never been part of the AnchorKids ministry, please be open to at least considering any tasks or roles that Amy and Angela may ask of you.  You may also contact them via email at or if you feel called to step forward and offer some assistance. 

Finally, please know that I am open to discussing this change with you and (where applicable) your children.  To that end, I am planning to have “Open Office Hours” at the Panera on the corner of York and North Avenue on Wednesday, September 17 and Wednesday, September 24, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  Feel free to drop by any time during those hours to speak with me, enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee together, or ask any questions you and your children might have.  I look forward to serving, worshiping and fellowshipping with you all over the next few weeks and hope you will keep me in your prayers as I say farewell to so many beloved friends.  

                                                                                     In Christ,

                                                                                     Val Sutton (“Miss Val”)

                                                                                     AnchorKids Minister


Please keep Val in your prayers as she begins this new journey. Also, please keep The Anchor in your prayers as we navigate this transition. Make sure you take the opportunity to thank Val for her 3 years of amazing service to our kids here at The Anchor! 

Pastor Sam