A Message from Lance Hurley

Connection is something we all understand.  The other night, my wife
and I were preparing for our family fantasy football draft when we
noticed the internet wasn't working properly.  To say the least, it
was frustrating as we really needed this connection to draft our teams
for the upcoming season.  There were a few tense moments as we tried
to troubleshoot the problem.  About 20 minutes before the event began,
we reestablished connection and everything went as scheduled.

I was thinking about this in comparison to the promise of connecting
with God through prayer.  Our connection with God through prayer never
gets overloaded because other things are sucking up bandwidth.  Our
connection with God never experiences problems from his end.  Our
connection with God is as strong as we want to make it, as he is
always available to listen and respond.  When connection is
established, power flows uninterrupted.  .

This Sunday, we are continuing our spiritual practices series as we
focus again on the gift of prayer that God gives to us.  This week we
will look at prayer thought this lens:  "When God says 'No'".  I will
look forward to seeing you at The Anchor on Sunday as we look into the
love of the Father in Matthew 7: 9 - 11.