Hello, My Name Is Drew!

Sam and Drew

Hello, my name is Drew Powell. I’ve been on The Anchor’s leadership team for the last few years. As you may know, this last Sunday was Sam Barnhart’s last day with us as the pastor of The Anchor. He and his family are moving to Tennessee to take on an exciting new ministry opportunity that will employ Sam and his many talents. Please join me and others praying for this next season for Sam and for the Anchor.

So, what comes next? Lance Hurley and Ignite Church Planting, the group that helped start the Anchor, has agreed to partner with us again. They will be helping us with preaching and administrative duties. Right now they are in the process of finding a new pastor and evaluating potential candidates.

Over the next few months we will have some guest speakers sharing on Sundays, including Thomas Paukovitz who will be sharing this Sunday, so we are excited for that! We will also continue our weekly Small Groups and will be doing some all church hangouts throughout the summer. Now I would like to introduce Alaina Mihalopoulos (see below)! Alaina will be volunteering to oversee our kids ministry for the next little bit. Make sure you give her a high five and a big “Thanks!” the next time you see her!

Please remember, that the church is you! If you already volunteer and participate, please continue to do so. Please consider starting to do so if you don’t already and for all of us, there is an opportunity now to step up and make the Anchor even more “our” church. First, though, please continue praying and I will see you on Sunday for worship.

If you need ANYTHING or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at drew@theanchorcc.com and I will see you Sunday!


Drew Powell


AnchorKids: Meet Alaina!

AnchorKids Alaina
Hello, guys I'm excited to say that I will be stepping up and taking over the kids ministry for the Anchor. If anyone ever has any suggestions at all or would like to help out, just let me know. I will be looking for some helpers weekly.