Special Guest Speaker: Thomas Paukovitz

Special Guest Speaker Thomas Paukovitz

Hello Anchor Family! If you were not able to be at The Anchor this past Sunday, my name is Thomas Paukovitz and I will be one of the many faces you will see in the next couple months helping the church through this transition. I live on the South side of Chicago with my beautiful wife, Amanda, and our little daughter, Abigail. We love to spend time with family, go out and play in the park, and definitely try and catch a Cubs baseball game! We also love to follow God and are passionate about seeing others grow in their relationship with Him. This week, I will be bringing the message and what we are going to discuss is: what do we do when God's plan makes us want to just say "Huh?" When God's plan doesn't match with our plans, what is it that we should do? I look forward to getting to know all of you more and please make sure to come and introduce yourself. I will see all of you at The Anchor on Sunday! God bless.