Val's Last Day As AnchorKids Minister

This last Sunday, September 28, 2014, was Val Sutton's final day as AnchorKids minister. Of course, it was sad having to say goodbye to Val but it was also exciting to celebrate her new opportunities with her as well as her ministry and impact at The Anchor during the last three years. It was only fitting that Val's final duty as AnchorKids minister was to have the honor of baptizing a child from AnchorKids. After thanking Val for her service, Pastor Sam invited anyone impacted by Val to come up and pray over her... most in attendance did! Val, you are loved and will be missed but will always be part of The Anchor family. Thank you, again, for all your service. We are praying for your journey ahead. We're gunna "Miss Val!"

Were you impacted by Val's ministry at The Anchor? Please share your story below. We would love to hear it!